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Silt Sifter Bag

Silt Sifter

Pollution Solution, Inc.

Pollution Solution Silt Sifter Bag
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Quick Overview
    Squared on one end to better hug the curb, the Silt Sifter® Bag comes either pre-filled with 30 lbs. of 1" natural rock or empty. The sewn-in Heavy Duty 2" Velcro enclosure makes it a snap to fill and provides a solid barrier to prevent any rock from escaping making for a cleaner and tidier jobsite.
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Silt Sifter® Bag is the ultimate solution! The patented dual-component, bag within a bag design, Silt Sifter® Bag is the original cushioned sediment control device incorporating materials specifically chosen for both filtration and high-flow performance. Built to last!
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Pollution Solution, Inc.
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